How It works

Estate services vary from company to company. Here's how we conduct our sales:


We consult with the estate to discuss the feasibility of an estate liquidation. This initial consultation is free of charge. After reviewing the contents of the estate, a percentage of the gross sales is determined and agreed upon by both parties. The contract is signed.


We begin our unique work of setting up the home like a showroom for a three to four day estate sale and customize our services for the client’s needs. We clean and price each and every item of value in the home. To make sure that items sell at fair market value (in the secondhand market), we do thorough research. On behalf of the estate, we provide additional advertising in local newspapers and on highly trafficked websites as well as professional signage on the roadways near the sale location.


Our dedicated team is knowledgeable, engaged, courteous, and fun-loving. For security reasons, and to help guide longtime customers and people who are new to estate sales, all of our estate sales are well staffed and service-oriented. Items can be bought outright for full price, or customers can place bids on items priced over $50 starting at half of the asking price. After the sale ends, we begin the process of calling bidders to give them an opportunity to raise their bid or notify them that they've won the auction and schedule pick-up.